Tea People

Tea is one of my weakness. I've got a huge selection of teas and herbal or fruit hot drinks at home and depending on the time of the day I will prepare a mug accordingly, so tea for breakfast and early afternoon and  infusions or tisanes in the evening.
Tea People is a social enterprise and they use top grade whole leaf tea, all the ingredients are pure and natural, and more important , they buy small quantities  of tea so that the stock is always fresh. The one thing that makes this brand unique is the fact that 50% of their profits goes to the regions producing tea in order to help children, supporting educational and social projects in those areas.
Start making notes because these are the first three products by Tea People I'm going to talk about .
The Divine Elixir is indeed divine. It is a blend of white and green teas, jasmine and bits of mango, papaya, red currant, sour cherry, apricot, orange peel, among others ingredients. The Choco Mint Rooibos is caffeine free made with premium Rooibos, organic peppermint, calendula petals and choco beans bits. Absolutely indulgent. With the Coconut Rose Green tea made using Darjeeling Green tea, rose petals and coconut bits, I believe that would be too difficult for me to make a choice so they would all go in my shopping basket.
At Tea People you can ask for a customised gift set, something that a tea lover will appreciated and with Christmas  very close to us, it is never too early to start thinking about presents. At the Tea People website will be easy to find something perfect for anyone. This  little gift set comprises two different teas, a Desi Masala Chai, a rich blend of Assam Tea, with cardamom, cinnamon,ginger and clove, a Liquorice Mint Toffee, a blend of peppermint leaves, liquorice roots and vanilla extract and a tea infuser tong. This is just an example but  checking Tea People website everyone can find inspiration for the perfect gift.
The Russian Caravan tea has got a smoky aftertaste given by the Lapsang Souchong  tea blended with Oolong Tea  and other premium black teas. All the teas at Tea People are blended and packed in UK  and they are available in loose leaf packets or biodegradable pyramid teabags.
The Pomegranate White Tea has got a fruity distinctive flavour and it is a blend of  Pai - Mu - Tan white tea, cranberries, rose petals and natural flavours. Don't add milk to it but drink this silvery  fragrant drink treating yourself to a delicious "me time" moment.
Very Berry hasn't got caffeine at all and it's a blend of hibiscus, raisins, elderberries, raspberries, strawberry bits and natural flavours. It doesn't need milk but you can add sugar, even if I think that this tea can be drunk without adding anything else, just  tasting its own flavours.  Check online Tea People website at www.teapeople.co.uk and immerse yourself in a virtual tea house, imagine the flavours  of the products and then make your choice. You will be spoiled by tea people extensive range.


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