Dualit Liberty Architect Collection

More and more we like to "dress up" our kitchen with stylish gadgets. Colours are a key factor in our houses and we like to match walls with kitchen cabinets and all the tools needed while cooking.
Two of the most iconic British brands, Dualit and Liberty teamed up to bring to the market two of the most used and popular gadgets that I'm sure are in every home. The Architect Toaster and Kettle Collection is born.
Two Liberty prints have been used by Dualit to decorate the panels of its Architect Kettle and Toaster. This is the first small kitchen appliance stint for Liberty and the two gadgets are designed for a modern home, with features that are useful like the Peek and Pop function on the toaster that checks the toasting process without interrupting it. Also a defrost setting, a bagel and bun warming function are among other features unmissable for a toaster.
This Liberty print, the Wiltshire Liberty Flowers has been taken from the Liberty archives and with its bold berry nuances can sit in its right place in a modern kitchen in order to give a splash of colours. Maybe a black kitchen, or white is the perfect backdrop for these set.  The rapid boil Architect Kettle has got the Dualit's patented Pure Pour  spout that prevents any drips when pouring hot water and the push button opening mechanism makes it safe when refilling the kettle while still hot, avoiding being burned from hot steam.
This is the Phoebe Liberty Flowers option and with its cream base I  can see it in a country side cottage or a pastel coloured kitchen. This Liberty print is a classic archive pattern from the 1960s and it has been updated for the contemporary Liberty Flowers range and in this specific occasion for the exclusive Dualit Architect Kettle and Toaster. Both small appliances are priced at £ 125.00 each with the toaster having two slice slots.


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