Beefayre Pots of Honey

Honey is one of those products that should always be stocked in our kitchen cupboard. Good with tea, porridge, smoothies and as an ingredient for baking. Beefayre has got a range of handmade products from the hives  and honey is one of them.
BeeBoost  is a mixture of honey, pollen and propolis. A spoonful a day will keep you in check and protected against cold and flu, all those little and annoying illness we catch at this time of the year because the weather changes all of a sudden. It is not recommended in hot drinks, so don't sweeten your tea with it but it is delicious in porridge or smoothies. If you've already caught a cold the daily portion can be doubled for a quick recovery. Given the presence of pollen it is not advisable for  hay fever sufferers.
Sharon Jervis at Beefayre is an artist and all the labels of her products are her drawings,inspired by nature, like those antique books of Victorian age.  The Acacia Honey is  mild and good for diabetics because of its high content of fructose. All Beefayre honeys are raw honey which means that they haven't been heated or processed. The combs comes from Western Transylvania where the bees have a free pesticide environment.
Wildflowers Honey by Beefayre is highly nutritious and bees have gathered the pollen from the flowers in the Western Transylvania forests.  The honey is harvested by traditional beekeepers who preserve the colonies of bees that are so much at risk in industrial countries. That's why for every product bought at Beefayre a 3%  of the profit  is given to the Bee Conservation project  that helps the organisations BugLife and Bumblebee Conservation Trust
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(photos courtesy of Beefayre)


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