Chocolate and Love

It is difficult to find somebody who doesn't love chocolate. Maybe not everyone is keen in every kind of chocolate,  I , for example, can eat anything with the word chocolate on it, but you can't deny that a square of good chocolate will put a smile on your face. After all it is scientifically proven  that chocolate is good for our mood. So if the doctor orders, we obey. Chocolate and Love produce Fairtrade, Organic and delicious chocolate bars.
The Creamy Dark bar is dark chocolate with 55%  of Cocoa grown in Peru and Dominican Republic where Fairtrade producers are associated with the team at Chocolate and Love. Cane sugar comes from Fairtrade partners in Paraguay and Costa Rica and the Bourbon Vanilla which flavours the bar is from Madagascar. The design of the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, hand painted by an American  artist who works closely with Richard O' Connor and Birgitte Hovmand putting the soul and the environment where the cocoa beans grown. They are quite a work of art.
The Rich Dark chocolate has 71% Cocoa  and comes from the same areas as the Creamy Dark. It is just a bit stronger, and you can spot an after taste of red berries. Cocoa beans "grab" the flavours of trees and plants around them and sampling dark chocolate you will find that every bar is different depending on the area where the cocoa has been picked. All Chocolate and Love bars are organic and Kosher certified.
These two bars are other jewels in the crown for Chocolate and Love. The first one is a blend of Orange essentials oils and 65% Dark Chocolate. The taste is zesty and it marries perfectly the bitterness of the dark chocolate. The Panama one is 80% Dark Chocolate where the cocoa beans are only from this country. Despite being an 80% bar, it is incredibly mellow and smooth and who thinks that high percentage dark chocolate are bitter, tasting this bar will open up a new window and possibly a new love for this brand.
And finally I want to show you these two beautiful boxes, each one with four bars of Chocolate and Love delicacies. This is the perfect gift for the chocolate lover and once empty, the boxes are great to store bits and bobs. I've use them for my silk scarves.  You can find Chocolate and Love products in many Sainsbury's  and Whole Food Market stores, as well as independent shops. Check online at to find out your nearest stockist and to know more about this great British brand.


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