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Recipe: Puntarelle Salad

Puntarelle are the tips of  a variety of Chicory and it is a very popular side dish in Rome. Preparation is a bit long but once you will eat this delicious salad you will be happy that you did work hard. I could find them at Borough Market where every Thursday they are delivered to Turnips Borough Market. So just a great deal of preparation but very few ingredients.
As you can see we will need some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I've chosen the Tamia Caninese Organic, a bunch of Puntarelle, Garlic and Anchovies Fillets by L'Isola d'Oro, the Cantabrian variety that you can find at Fratelli Camisa. I don't use salt because the anchovies will be salted enough. I always got a jar of anchovies fillets because they are so versatile and you can use them in many recipes.
First of all cut every single tip from the bunch and wash them to remove any soil left.
With a sharp knife cut the tip in half.....
...and again each half in another  half.
Put them in a bowl with ice cubes, because …

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