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The Post of Truffle Products

Anywhere you go for a meal you will find at least  one dish with truffles. Even the humble hamburger has been gentrified by adding a shaving of truffle or a drizzle of truffle oil. Supermarkets are selling truffle infused products like oil or pasta sauces and by the way just cooking a fried egg with a bit of truffle oil makes for a delicious and quick  meal. I've found some products that you can find online or at specific delis for a decadent treat.
This trio of truffle sauces can be used  for dressing meat, pasta, vegetable and more. Fratelli Camisa stock the Toscobosco products from Tuscany and believe me, go and check now their website. The Ricca with truffle is  made with Italian cheese and slices of white truffle. Try it on asparagus. The Summer Truffle cream is perfect to be used for fresh pasta filling or add a spoonful ti prepare a sauce for a delicious roast beef. It is made of black truffle and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  The Truffle Carpaccio are slices of white truffle in…

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