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Recipe: Bucatini Pasta with Anchovies and Cabbage

New year and a new recipe, easy and delicious, so that you still have that nice feeling of great food during the festive period and also with the presence of the cabbage there is some kind of excuse on eating healthy. Bucatini are a kind of thick spaghetti with a small hole in the middle and they are perfect for quite a few traditional pasta recipes. Today we will have them with Cabbage and Anchovies Fillets from L'Isola D'Oro.
So let's take a Barilla Bucatini pasta box, fine Breadcrumb, a Cabbage,  a clove of Garlic, some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I have used Tamia and the Cantabrigian Anchovies Fillets by L'Isola d'Oro that you can find at Fratelli Camisa online.
Thinly cut the leaves of the cabbage leaving out the hard centre (but don't throw them away, you can always rustle up a soup, use an immersion blender and then add some creamy Stilton or Gorgonzola).
In a wok I put some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and chopped garlic then I add the L'Isola d'OroAncho…

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