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Recipe: Carpaccio Tuna and Courgettes

The weather might not be great but we want to cling to our summer feeling a bit longer. So today the recipe will be of a nice carpaccio made with tuna and marinated courgettes. No need to cook and also this dish can be taken at work, or prepared in advance for a dinner with guests or just for you after a day at work.
These are the ingredients you will need. Some small mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, a jar of Grilled Fillets of Tuna L'Isola D'Oro that you can find at Fratelli Camisa online, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, fresh mint, black pepper.

Start chopping the mint very finely. I always use this particular knife called the half moon. It is great and very effective.
Using a potato peeler thinly slice the courgettes after you have washed them. They have to be very thin because they are not going to be cooked but only marinated.
In a small bowl put the lemon juice, add the chopped mint, then add the extra virgin olive oil. I don't put quantities becau…

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