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Christmas Home Decor: Christmas Tree Baubles

I am sure that most have already kitted out the Christmas tree but generally Christmas home decor is starting around the 8th of December, and I think that nobody is following the old tradition of starting to decor the Christmas tree on the 24th of December as we have seen in various old films. So I have picked few lovely baubles which can be the whole theme for your tree or just add a new bauble each year to have a trendy and mismatched tree where you have something new every Christmas.
Ho ho ho ho, let's start with this set of 2 baubles by Next with tinsel effect depicting Santa Claus' belly. The baubles have a 10 cm diameter and they are lovely and sparkly. Don't confine them just  to the tree but you can hang them as a decoration on your door handles.

 Unicorns are a fixed presence on anything so I believe that a herd of them would be perfect on your Christmas Tree. This one can be found at Tesco and you can buy it online. It is made of wood with lilac gl…

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