La Molisana Pasta

Italy and Pasta are two things entwined and  now all the supermarket and independent shops stock at least a brand of pasta. La Molisana Pasta is very popular in UK  and I've seen it displayed everywhere.
La Molisana Pasta comes from the Molise region starting its production in 1910 and after 100 years the Ferro family, millers since 1910  took over the existing  factory  bringing  all their knowledge. Let's say that they know a thing or two about pasta. They use the best durum wheat, working with traditional methods and adding low mineralised water, and fresh mountain air during the drying process.
The range I'm writing about is the ExtraLusso, sporting a blue packaging, another look into the past when pasta, once was bought loose and the stores used to wrapped it in blue paper. Paccarielli Rigati is  a shape very popular in Campania. The texture, obtained using a bronze wire drawing process, holds the sauce and the best recipe for this shape is very simple, just prepare a sauce with cherry tomatoes in oil, with garlic and a basil leaf.
The Spaghetto Quadrato by La Molisana is another success for the Ferro Family and this particular shape is available as well as in the ExtraLusso range, also  in the Gluten Free and the normal range. The square shape of the spaghetti has been met with success from food experts and consumers. Any sauce is perfect for this shape from the most sophisticated ones to the simple garlic, extra virgin olive oil and chilli, the classic dish you can prepare for your friends for an improvised lunch or a midnight snack.
Egg pasta can't be missed with La Molisana Pasta so take a look at Pappardelle, a very wide fettucine  where the rough texture holds indulgent sauces. Pappardelle are great with a meat and tomato sauce or fish or just a delicate mix of courgettes and cream.
All La Molisana Pasta  is certified Kosher and if you want to know more, find new recipes and be inspired in trying something new go to and click on the British flag to get started.
Most of delis and online websites in UK stock this amazing brand. Let me know your recipes  and send me pictures and I will publish them on the blog.
Buon appetito.


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