Cuorenero Delicious Scrumptious Italian Chocolates and Macaroons

I came across Cuorenero, an Italian brand that produces chocolates, pralines, macaroons and comfits. The range is huge and obviously absolutely yummy and to make things better for many who have got a food intolerance, some of their products are  sugar free, gluten free and organic.
This rainbow colour display is the range Cuorenero has got for its Macaroons which are gluten free because they are not made using wheat flour or similar but they use the original ingredients like egg whites, almond flour and sugar. The flavours are all delicious with blueberry, pistachio, strawberry. orange, lemon and cocoa. Waitrose sells them so now you know where to go when in need of a little sweet treat for yourself.
I love the packaging for the Comfits and Pralines Antica Bottega, a cardboard jar full of delectable almonds, hazelnuts and jumbo raisins coated in chocolate mixed with flavours like blueberry, strawberry, coconut, lemon, pistachio as well as the traditional almond comfits coated in sugar. They are gluten free as well and given that they are not on sale in UK yet I can see people asking to everyone who goes to Italy to buy a little something from Cuorenero. Well if anyone is reading this post and has got a shop I believe that with Cuorenero we are on a winning streak.
These chocolate tablets are made with organic cocoa, sugar cane and the white chocolate tablet contains vanilla from Madagascar. Cuorenero sources its ingredients in fair trade farms and they are gluten free. An 100 grams tablet will be just enough for you to crave another one.
These pouches are very colourful and they contains these delicious  Cuorenero comfits made with almond and hazelnuts coated in flavoured chocolate. The almond is roasted to perfection and then covered in chocolate and at the end it is coated in sugar so even when it is very hot the sweet will be protected and it won't melt.

Chocolate lovers can't miss these tablets of dark chocolate at 70%, 74% and 75%. The green tablet is the Las Palmas from Santo Domingo with 75% of dark chocolate, the Rio Arriba comes from Ecuador and it has got  74% of dark chocolate and the Piura Pachiza form Peru has got  70% of dark chocolate. They are all gluten free.
Now apart from the Macaroons which are sold in Waitrose, if you want to stock up on other products from Cuorenero, go until the 21st of July at the event Bellavita at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane entrance in Hanbury Street and you will find the Cuorenero/Dolceamaro products at the A19 Stand. Visit its website to find out who stocks its products


  1. Where can I buy these in U.S....specifically Cape Cod,Mass.
    Is there a site online?

    1. They are available in Italy and Waitrose in UK sold them for a while. You might try to contact them on the website which is a the bottom of the post and ask if they have stockists in US or if they can sell online.

  2. Where can I buy these in U.S....specifically Cape Cod,Mass.
    Is there a site online?

  3. Are there any animal ingredients used in their macaroons?


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