Fantastic Beasts Spirits and Where To Find Them

The title of this post might seem a bit weird but when John Lewis & Partners  has put on its shelves some special bottles of liqueurs, inspired by mythical creatures and brought to life by Firebox, I could not resist. Look for these incredible gifts some of which are just Exclusive for John Lewis & Partners.
The Firebox Unicorn Tears Gin is distilled in England, it is quite sweet with juniper, orange, coriander and a hint of liquorice. It is infused with a pearlescent glitter which obviously is the extract of Unicorn Tears, obtained without harming those magical creatures, maybe just made them cry telling sad stories or try some bad karaoke sing a long.
* Exclusive* This Firebox Unicorn Tears Black Gin is an Exclusive liqueur that you will find only at John Lewis & Partners. You will sample a blackberry flavoured gin made with tears of rebellious Unicorns, because after too many bad karaoke songs you can't just cry quietly.
When you will take this bottle of Firebox Mermaid Tears Vodka in your hand, give it a swirl so that the glitter of the merpeople will appear to give a shimmery finish to the Premium French Grain vodka, which has a blue hue like the Ocean. Why Mermaid Tears? Maybe because by falling in love with a human they had to leave their magic world.
*Exclusive*  Catching  Pixies is quite difficult, that's why Firebox has manage to prepare a batch exclusively for John Lewis & Partners and nobody else. This Firebox Pixie Tears Gin has got a crispy flavour of elderflower and cucumber and when swirling the bottle, be careful to look at the shimmer, you never know, you might see a small pixie still there, trying to hold on to its precious emerald tears.
(Photo courtesy of John Lewis & Partners)
Phoenix Tears can heal and for who has seen few Harry Potter movies knows that it is true. The Firebox Phoenix Tears Rum is spiced with  cinnamon, ginger, brown sugar and dried fruit. Give it a swirl to see all the beauty of the shimmer and have some magic. After all Phoenix are the beginning and the end, the circle of life.
Flamingos are not really magic creatures but I would dare to say that are the nearest to them  despite being quite a common view. Let's say it is a bit of magic on our life.  Firebox Flamingos Tears Gin is a pink grapefruit flavoured gin and I love the beauty of swirling the bottle to release the glitter inside it. Why flamingos cry?  Maybe because they want to be included among the Fantastic Creatures World and live great adventures.
Even if it is sold out, I will write about Firebox Dragon Tears Whisky because it deserves to be mentioned. You can finish your collection after Christmas when the people at Firebox will have hunted enough Dragons and by reading them the news from newspapers, they will move them to tears. It is a blend of Whisky and cinnamon and you will find the magic by swirling the bottle.
(photo courtesy of Firebox)
When you feed a Unicorn some raspberry and then you start telling them all of your problems, the Unicorn which is a very sensitive and empathic creature, will start cry shedding pink tears. The Firebox Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin is a blend of flavours, with raspberry, juniper, citrus and liquorice. Swirl the bottle for more magic, looking at the shimmery glitter encased.


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