Christmas Food at Tesco

Still time to do your shopping, still time to order your food and book your delivery slot. This time let's be at Tesco, where a great selection of party food, ready plates and ingredients to cook from scratch can be bought for a very delicious yet affordable Christmas. Here some of the offerings I've found and sampled.
* To be Ordered*  Tesco acknowledges the fact that not everyone has got somebody at home cooking, or that some people work during Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and they haven't got time to cook a meal with all the trimmings, and also that some people can't leave the house to have a meal with relatives because maybe they live abroad. So this excellent in value and taste Christmas Dinner for Two has got two portions of turkey breast wrapped in bacon, roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables, gravy, stuffing as well as two mini Christmas puddings, a bottle of Champagne and 2 crackers. For £ 35.00 Christmas meal is sorted.
*To be Ordered*  This amazing Seafood Platter is enough for 6 and you will have a whole cooked  Lobster, black tiger prawns and king prawns, crab meat and mousse of crab in scallop shells, hot and cold smoked salmon. It comes with all the garnish like lemon and parsley and it is presented in this beautiful three tier slate platter.
*To be Ordered* *Vegan* It is delicious as it looks this Vegan Stuffed Butternut Squash filled with beetroot and apple filling, cooked with a touch of sherry vinegar and garlic and topped with crunchy pumpkin and sunflower seeds. It serves between 2 and 4.
*To be Ordered*  It is very sophisticated this Shellfish Coquille Medley sold in a box of 4.  King prawns, scallops and smoked salmon are placed on a bed of samphire and drizzled with lemon and pink peppercorn butter. A great starter for Christmas Eve.
*Frozen* *Vegan* They are nice appetisers made of potato, cabbage, carrot and onion. Find the Bubble and Squeak Bites in the frozen food aisle and they don't need to be fried, so just put them on a tray in the oven.
*To be Ordered*  This St. Clements Turkey Trio is a boneless selection ready to be put in the oven and it comprises of  a basted turkey breast, a turkey breast parcel with pork, lemon and thyme stuffing, wrapped in smoked streaky bacon, and a rolled turkey thigh with orange and cranberry stuffing. It serves 8 and it has this amazing price of £ 15.00.
*To be Ordered* Be delighted by this Festive Unicorn Cake,a triple layered chocolate cake filled and covered with chocolate flavoured cookie crumb frosting. Also adorned with Unicorn themed edible decorations. it will be a real centre piece and you will see kids and older fighting for the horn.
Let's keep it traditional with this Christmas Greetings Iced Fruit Cake, made with vine fruits and glaces cherries, topped with a marzipan, decorative icing and it is hand decorated.  It will sit perfectly in a rectangular tray surrounded by clementines and other dry fruits.
*To be Ordered*   This spectacular dessert is a hollow tree made of Belgian chocolate and it filled with mousse, caramel sauce, fudge and shortbread pieces on a chocolate brownie base. The 4 Finest Belgian Chocolate and Caramel Tree pack is a dessert not to be missed. For more inspirations and to book a delivery slot go to


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