Christmas Food at Asda

If you did not start already, now is the time to not just plan your Christmas meal but to actually buy or reserve meat or fish plates. Asda has got a great selection of festive food, including vegan options and free from for who suffers from allergies. Among the huge selection I've picked some very delicious and fuss free dishes and I can assure you, they are absolutely tasty and scrumptious.
*Gluten Free*  *Frozen*  The Extra Special Ultimate Pig in a Blanket is an amazing centrepiece made of tender prime cut of British pork and wrapped with rashers of British dry cured oak smoked bacon. Just add a side of Brussels sprouts and you've got your main sorted. You can find it in the Frozen aisle.
*Vegan* The Extra Special Mushroom and Chestnut Nut Roast has got a delicious Cranberry Star Butter made it with dairy free butter. With a side of small roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, mini carrots and broccoli stems or parsnips it will be the Instagram perfect picture dish.
*To Order* A succulent dish to be ordered is the Butcher's Selection Gammon Joint with a Sour Cherry Glaze. The meat has been cured with a unique brine for a special flavour and then glazed with a delicious sour cherry glaze.
*Frozen* Buy them now and store them in the freezer. The Salmon Blinis just need to be defrosted and put on a tray. Scottish salmon on top of cream cheese and with a sprinkle of dill. Perfect for an appetiser before dinner or as a part of an in house Christmas party. The Party Food range at Asda has got so much choice that you can throw a party with no fuss but also with extremely great food.
*Vegan* * Kosher*  This cheese board  has got a Mature Cheddar Alternative, a Garlic & Chive Mature Cheddar Alternative and the Wensleydale & Cranberry Alternative. They are creamy and full of texture. They are perfect for who is following a free from diet.
*Vegetarian* This Extra Special Melt in the Middle Chocolate & Salted Caramel Pyramid must be eaten because just describing it doesn't give enough justice to the goodness of this pudding. The chocolate sponge encases a salted caramel melting centre which is just to die for. The pudding is finished with a gold lustre and a Belgian chocolate star.
*Vegetarian* Would you like to make your own mince pies? Try the Extra Special Mincemeat with French Brandy & Ruby Port . Just out in your trolley some boxes of shortcrust pastry (unless you want to make your own) and fill each little pie with this spice and wine infused mix.
*Available from 19/12*  This sophisticated Extra Special  dessert is made of Prosecco Jelly with Coconut Snow on a base of Raspberry and Panna Cotta. It is worth it to wait  because they are freshly made and each box  contains 4 desserts.
*Vegan* *Not Yet*  The Asda Vegan Chocolate Caramel Pot is a winner, even if you are not vegan. The flavour and the taste is everything a chocolate lover is looking for. This dessert is made of a chocolate ganache and salted caramel sauce. It is finished with a gold iridescent glitter and  it will be sold soon in a box of 2.
*Vegetarian* A Christmas Pudding is one of those festive desserts that will always be on the table. I always make sure to have a Christmas Pudding as well as a Panettone, because I love them both. The Extra Special 9 Months Matured Luxury Christmas Pudding is a delicious mix of dry fruits, Brandy, Rum, Sherry, mixed spices and fruit peels.
*No Alcohol*  Generally when somebody doesn't drink because a teetotal or for religious or dietary reasons, cab be felt left out when toasting Christmas or the New Year. Also you can't toast with water because it is something that you don't do. Thanks to Asda, this problem has been fixed  and now with a bottle of Nosecco, made in France, anyone can join  for a cheer.


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