The Christmas List of Kitchen Tools Gifts

If you have somebody who is a food lover, any gadget for the kitchen will be well received. Every year there is something new and most gadgets are now so popular in our lifestyle. It could be  a gift for the house as well or a house warming gift, especially if you know somebody who just moved to a new place or first place and obviously the first purchases are for the basic things. I've picked few items for all the budgets.
If deep fry is a concern but still you love your french fries this Lakeland Touchscreen Air Fryer is perfect. I've sample some chips and I must admit that they were  delicious. Just need to put a teaspoon of oil in the basket and program the easy control panel. Great to fry meat or fish or seafood. A cooking guide is included for more ideas.
We like and we try to eat healthy so a steamer is the perfect gift for a food lover  and for a health fan too. This Cookworks 3 Bowls Steamer can be found at Argos. In one go you can steam chicken, vegetable and rice without struggling with endless pans and having everything clean in the kitchen. This is a gift that will be always in use.
Sometimes it is enough to change toaster and kettle to feel that you have a new kitchen.  This great combo is by De Longhi and it can be found at Argos. I like the matt finish and the chrome details. The toaster has got 4 slots with 6 toast settings and a defrost function as well. De Longhi is an excellent Italian brand that has been around for a long time so we a great experience in kitchen electricals.
This is another gift that maybe is in many wish lists. It is the Nutribullet Veggie Food Processor available at Currys. It can spiralize, shred and slice vegetable, cooked meat or fruit in order to prepare ingredients for salads or cakes and more. It is one of those kitchen gadgets that once you've got it on the counter will always be in use.
The KitchenAid Artisan food mixer is a classic, been featured even in Sex and the City. This pistachio one is available at Currys as well as in other 13 colours in order to match any kitchen decor.  It has 10 speed levels, a beautiful stainless steel bowl, flat beater, whip and dough hook. This 1930s style is gorgeous.
This one is not strictly a kitchen gadget but it is still a gift for a foodie. It is a fondue set by John Lewis Croft Collection made of rich copper plated stainless steel and including forks and burner. It will be great to prepare cheese fondue, or the fondue Bourguignonne and also a indulgent chocolate fondue to serve with fruits and biscuits.
Another gadget that will be successful is this Lakeland Mini Multi Cooker for preparing nice soups or casseroles, curries and more. This one is perfect for somebody lving alone with a busy life, so that a meal can be prepared with no fuss without relying on ready meals.
This is great for new parents, the Philips Avent, a gadget that in one has got four functions. It steams, blends, defrosts and reheats homemade meals for the baby and it is possible to cook up to 4 meals so that they can be frozen and defrosted, saving time. Mothercare is one of the stockists for this useful gadget.
This is Sci Fi brought in the kitchen and it is fantastic. I am talking about the Salter Cook Pro Bluetooth Recipe Scale available at John Lewis among other retailers. Downloading the app and connecting it to the scale means that when you are following a recipe on the tablet the weight goes to the scale as well as other incredible functions. This gift will be perfect for the tech food lover.
When fashion meets food we've got this gorgeous SMEG/Dolce&Gabbana toaster. The range comprises a kettle, food processor and food mixer to complement the fridges, all with art taken by Sicilian artists and depicted on the appliances. Think bright colours, lemons, Sicilian carts and all the traditional images from Sicily. Check them at the new flagship store in St James Piccadilly and at
If there is not much room on the kitchen counter a hand blender is the right choice because you can leave just the body and put all the accessories in a drawer. This very sleek number is by SMEG has got a chopper, a beater, whisk and potato masher. As well as this cream colour you can have it in red, blue and black.


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