Christmas Food Inspirations from Supermarkets

I must admit that supermarkets now are a great help for all the busy people who want to celebrate  the festive season with nice food and minimum effort because maybe they've been working until the day before. Personally every Christmas I stock up on nibbles and party food and then during the holidays I relax in front of a nice film eating all these delicious food. Even if you have already bought your Christmas food, buy it now and freeze it for New Year Eve or New Year Day.
*Fish*  This beautifully presented Seafood Platter arrived on Aldi yesterday and it comprises of Orkney Crab Pate, Scottish Salmon Flakes, Scottish Smoked Salmon, Prawns and Marinated Squid Rings. Also included a Marie Rose Sauce Dip. Perfect to start the Christmas Eve dinner.
*Pork*  It is part of the Extra Special range at Asda this Winterberry Gammon Joint. The box contains everything you need to achieve this result, you just need to put it in the oven, following the instructions. It is possible to freeze it so it will be perfect for New Year celebrations in case you have already thought of the Christmas ones. It is about 2kg in weight so it can be a nice meal for a small family.
*Fish*  It is quite a hassle to prepare lobsters. At least for me, most of the time I end up eating not a lot and I know that all those claws are full of goodness. So the best option is having something already prepared and just to be put in the oven like this Luxury Rock Lobster by Iceland.  There are  two halves of a lobster tail dressed with a Cheddar cheese, Italian Parmesan, white wine and mustard sauce and  with a cheese crumb topping. Delicious, just the perfect start for a romantic dinner for two, don't forget  a bottle of bubblies.
*Fish*  In order to stay lighter so you can eat more, opt for this delicious The Best Trout with Orange and Dill by Morrisons.  It is a beautiful centre piece, served on a nice tray with vegetables and all the trimmings. I like the contrast of flavour between the dill and the orange that give the fish a very distinct taste.
*Pork* Another stress free meal with a festive look from Sainsbury's. This Unsmoked Fruit Filled Gammon Joint with a Mulled Cider Glaze will satisfy everyone with its balanced taste and flavour.  Just imagine the fabulous fragrance while it will  be baked. It can also be frozen if you want to stock up for New Year and with its 1.3 kg weight it will be enough for a nice  meal.
*Poultry* It is impressive this Three Bird Roast by Tesco Finest. It is a duck filled with turkey and goose and topped with bay leaves. The each bird has got a delicious stuffing made with pork, Bramley apple, honey and sage. Just put in the oven and relax.


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