Christmas Cakes Ideas

After a main course let's think about the puddings especially if you are invited at someone's house. Generally the etiquette says that bringing a cake is not the right thing to do because it might underline the fact that maybe the host is not a good cook and at least you end up eating something nice. But talking about Christmas, the more the merrier. I've picked some deliciousness  for you.
This Golden Topped Christmas Pudding is very decadent and you can find it at Aldi. Made of vine fruits, cherries and pecans in stout, port, brandy and orange liqueur. It is topped by cherries, orange slices and almonds and then covered in gold glitter for a very festive dessert.
This one is for the kids. The Smash Igloo by Asda is a white chocolate dome that once smashed reveals inside chocolate snowballs. The penguin is made of milk and white chocolate and it is really lovely on a plate.
Baghi's is a artisan bakery in Italy and among its scrumptious products, I've found this Classic Panettone and other traditional Italian cakes made to rise and cooked in glass jars. They are enriched with liqueurs like Limoncello or Mojito or Vermouth  among other flavours. Discover them at Selfridges and bring something new on the table. 
It is yummy and lovely to see the Snowman Cake by Iceland. Made of Madeira sponge cake and filled with butter cream and plum and raspberry jam, it is covered in soft icing and it will be delightful to eat it.
Panettone is becoming more and more popular as a choice for a Christmas cake and it is not just relegated to the Italians living in UK. All the supermarkets and groceries stores sell Panettone in different flavours. This one with chocolate chips is from Carluccio's, and it is just one of the many Panettone available in store. There is a gluten free one and they all come in a beautiful box with ribbon for the ultimate present.
It is beautiful to see and delicious to eat the Honeycomb and Salted Caramel Dome Gateau by Morrisons. It is part of the frozen range and it is a chocolate sponge , filled with caramel cream mousse, salted caramel sauce and milk chocolate honeycomb pieces on a pastry base. With a defrosting time of at least 3 hours , it will be the perfect pudding to bring and it will be ready to eat just  in time when the  meal is finished.
Fancy something new and sophisticated ? In this case log in to Ocado and check the Picard 12 mini Gourmet Eclairs from the frozen department. Flavours are incredible with pistachio and orange blossom, lemon meringue, raspberry and lychee or chocolate and hazelnut. Defrosting time is about 3 hours, follow the instructions.
Among all the new desserts some traditional Christmas Cake must be on the table and this Sainsbury's  Top Iced Rich Fruit Cake looks like it comes out of one of those Victorian Christmas cards. It is made with vine fruits, glaze cherries, candied citrus peel and topped with marzipan and icing,absolutely scrumptious.
Not sure which one is teh best one ? have both so you can make up your mind and indulge in some serious dessert time. From the Tesco Finest range, the Belgian White Chocolate and Raspberry Bouche and the 4 Chocolate Tree Pinata will pleasure your taste buds to no end. The first one has got a Sicilian lemon mousse with a  raspberry centre while the second  one is a Belgian chocolate mousse with a caramel sauce filling and gold dusted honeycomb. Both have a sponge cake base.


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