Sainsbury's Home Spring Summer 17

When the season changes and the weather starts to warm up you feel the urge to buy something new for the house, like welcoming the good weather in your life. And if we are looking for dark colours and gold in the winter, when spring and summer come up we like lots of bright colours. Also we like to organise little parties and barbecues. Sainsbury's is going to have fantastic  items to cheer up a table or the kitchen.
This serving tray looks amazing. The shine, the colour and the look suggest that you are in front of a beautiful ceramic dish, maybe bought in some holiday places the previous summer right? Wrong, because this lovely tray is made of melamine from the Shore Collection. Perfect to serve vegetables, or salads, it is dishwasher safe and very light in weight despite being very solid. It is priced at £ 5.00, look out for it because  I think it will be a best seller.
This bucket barbecue is great and you can enjoy a BBQ even if you haven't got a garden but just a balcony. Even if you have a garden, it will be easy to clean and it won't take lots of space in the shed or in a cupboard. Priced at £ 10.00 you can add these beautiful tongs and start sending out those BBQ invites.
Summer is that time when you can eat outside and soak up the sun. Sainsbury's has launched its Summer Solstice collection bursting with colours. Plates, glasses with straws, multi coloured cutlery  and dish covers, so flies won't come ruining your food, are just a few of the many items for the home and the garden. Look out for the drink dispenser, already in store with a capacity of 3.5 litres, perfect for serving water on tap.
A breath of fresh air in any kitchen is given when we buy new crockery. These  breakfast mugs and bowls are lovely with their pastel colours and retro decor. Tea towels and place mats match the plates for the perfect breakfast setting.
From the Butterfly House Collection I love this Drink Dispenser, already in store at £ 16.00. It is not suitable for dishwasher and microwave oven and for hot liquids. Perfect for a party where you can mix a punch or a flavoured water. The Tumbler with its straw complements the holiday feeling style of this colourful range. It is priced at £ 4.00 and it requires the same care as the Drink Dispenser. The Cocktail Shaker is not yet in store but look out for it.
The Shore  Collection is fresh and airy and when you lay out a table like this you are transported immediately to the South of France or in Cornwall. Dinner sets are in Fine China while serving dishes and bowls are  in melamine. Everything is dishwasher safe.
Where to serve a fruit or a vegetable salad? But in this salad bowl from the Hinterland Home Collection of course. Made of melamine it will jazz up any table with its content but also with its design inspired by tribal  themes. Great for a pic nic in style or for a lunch in the garden when the last thing you want is to carry a heavy, ceramic bowl. Look for more ideas  at


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