Recipe: Linguine with Crayfish and Cream Sauce

This recipe is made using cupboard's staples like long life cream which is very popular in Italy but I haven't seen anything similar in the supermarkets' shelves. When you've got a packet of long life cream you can rustle up anything and it will be delicious, especially when you've got  unexpected guests.
The ingredients for this recipe are a packet of Barilla pasta Linguine that can be easily found at any supermarket, a packet of Granarolo long life cream. You can find this at any deli, or if you plan to make this sauce you can use fresh cream from the supermarket. I've found mine in a shop down 459 Green Lanes in Haringay where you can find tons of Italian products at a very good prices. A can of cherry tomatoes Dorini from La Torrente , or if you like it you can use fresh cherry tomatoes . A packet of Lyons Seafood Fishermans Crayfish tails which I've found them in Tesco, extra virgin olive oil from Tamia, but any extra virgin olive oil will do, rock salt, garlic and chillies.
Put plenty of water to boil and add a handful of rock salt. I prefer this kind of salt to the fine one because it is easier to dose the quantity.
In a wok put a drizzle of  extra virgin olive oil, two cloves of garlic and two chillies, and wait for the garlic to be brown without burning it.
Add the crayfish tails and leave them to gain flavour.
After add the cherry tomatoes, I've found this incredible brand, La Torrente that sells cherry tomatoes in cans so ready to be used, but you can always use fresh cherry tomatoes after putting them in boiling water  to soften them up. Cook for at least 20 minutes.

Finally you add the long life or fresh cream and mix everything.
Seasoned with salt according to your taste, leave it on the hob for  further 5 minutes and then the sauce is ready.
When the water is boiling put the Linguine without breaking them and with a two pronged fork stir them and check the cooking time which is indicated on the box. Barilla indicates 8 minutes cooking time for its Linguine. Drain them after 7 minutes because they are going to be put in the wok.
Stir the linguine with a wooden spoon covering them with the sauce and cook them for  1 minute to gain flavour.
Served them with a crisp and chilled white wine and remember, no cheese at all, leave the Parmesan  in the fridge.


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