HipChips in Soho

Everyone likes crisps and dips and HipChips at 49 Old Compton Street, Soho, W1D 6HL London does just that. Delicious hand made crisps from different kind of potatoes served in cardboard boxes with a choice of dips either savoury or sweet. I've been there the first time and now it is my favourite stop every time I am in the West End. The prices are very reasonable and the servings very generous.
The place has got a vintage style, with great music on the background and comfortable seatings. The perfect stop in between shopping, relaxing for a chat, a snack and something to drink either a soft drink or craft beer on tap or hot drinks.
These are just some of the potatoes used for crisps at HipChips. They are heritage varieties and depending on the season they can be different. Connoisseurs will recognise Highland Burgundy or Violetta or the Pink Fur Apple, just to name a few you can find on offer.
The mix of different varieties of potatoes makes  a very colourful display when served at the table. Also the box-tray allows for a clean and tidy take away as well.
The dips are absolutely delicious, a mix of sweet and sour concoction with hints of chilli or flavoured with lemongrass. I've tasted quite a few of the savoury dips and my favourite ones are the Beetroot and Lemongrass marmalade, the Veggie Ceviche and the Cheese Fondue with Caramelised Onion.
This is how you get your crisps and dips at HipChips. You can have a Small portion, which believe me is not small at all with two dips or a Medium with three dips and a Large with six dips. Also you can choose your crisps salted or sweet and then pair them with savoury dips or sweet like Chocolate Praline or with marshmallows or fruit.
These scrumptious dips are part of the sweet ones and you can see marshmallows, Nutella, peanut butter and marmalade. Next time you are in the West End stop at HipChips to relax and enjoy stylish crisps and dips. Check out its website at www.hipchips.com to know more about opening hours and to start planning a visit.


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