Tesco Last Minute Shopping

The variety of party food at Tesco is always great. I don't say this because I write about it but every Christmas, given that I stay here instead of travelling and I spend these days on my own I always stock up on Tesco party food, even few weeks before the holiday and then I will defrost all those delicious nibble and I eat them with pleasure instead of cooking away. After all is a time of rest for me as well.
These fiscakes with lime and chilli dipping sauce are going to be on my table on the 24th of December, for Christmas Eve because  tradition wants that you don't eat meat on that night so fish is hugely popular with salmon, prawns, lobsters and other varieties. I've got these fishcakes and then I will put in the oven a selection of different kinds of prawns in order to have a very delicious platter.

A Ham joint is a traditional choice for the Christmas meal and at Tesco  you can find quite a few options both cooked or not if you want to experiment in the kitchen or you are a top class cook. You can either go online or in store and do a last minute shopping in case you don't have enough room in your freezer and you prefer your meat to be fresh.
If turkey is the choice for Christmas but you want something a bit different try the Frozen Turkey wrapped in bacon and with a fruity stuffing. It is delicious and the bacon will prevent the turkey to become dry, seeping its fat in the bird's meat.
Dry fruit and nuts are a must at the Christmas table. The huge selection in store will make possible to arrange a nice display on a plate with  the offering they've got, from dates, to dry mangoes, apricots and then walnuts, hazelnuts and a range of seasoned mixed nuts.
Lovely sweet mini top iced fruit cakes. Great as a table placing and see if anyone can resist the end of the meal or they are going to be nibbled in between courses. At Tesco you can find a good selection of sauces and other creams to dress your fruit cake or Christmas pudding. There are quite  few options of Christmas puddings at Tesco for any dietary requirement or just if you prefer brandy or cognac or any other tipple.
Last but not least dress your table for Christmas. At Tesco there is a great range of tableware  and decorations in order to feel the festive mood. Go online at www.tesco.com to check the opening times for this week and to place an order for the last bits and pieces before the big day.


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