Fortnum & Mason Christmas

When you think of a table dressed up for Christmas, the first thought that comes up to mind is a table with some Fortnum & Mason delicacies. The shop has been supplying the best in food ever since 1707 so their knowledge is huge and they know exactly what everyone likes. This season the offering at Fortnum & Mason are amazing.
The best present ever is a hamper from Fortnum & Mason food hall. receiving a hamper like this is like winning a small lottery, it is such a sought after present. It is possible to customise the hamper with the products of your choice and it doesn't have to be a massive hamper, there are several sizes in store where you can find the one you prefer for an important gift. It is the perfect present for the in laws or for business associates, providing that you know of any allergies or food intolerance.
This little hamper with a box of truffles and a bottle of champagne rose is just an example of the several options possible at the food hall. I find it very stylish and after the box can be kept to store silk scarves maybe?

A table dressed like this is just a dream that at Fortnum & Mason comes true with all the great food found at the food hall. Cheese, cured meat, speciality bread and roasted lamb, or pork or turkey and more ready to be served. Indulge in something special this Christmas at Fortnum & Mason.
Christmas without a Christmas pudding or a Christmas Fruit Cake is not a proper Christmas (ok Panettone has to be on the table as well). At Fortnum & Mason the selection of Christmas pudding is great, and you don't have to buy them just before the C Day, I've bought mine in August and it will be perfect at the end of my lunch with a slab of brandy butter or other deliciousness sold in the food hall.
Have you got an invite during Christmas time for lunch, dinner or simply for tea ? Go with something picked up at the Fortnum & Mason Food Hall. With the great selection of teas, biscuits, chocolate truffles and hundreds of other delicious things it will be easy to find something special to bring as a present. Check online  for the opening times and to find inspiration for presents and wish list at


  1. I love such NY events, especially Christmas celebrations. I also had a great Christmas party this year. It was a big party and that is why I hired a planner to make it happen.


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