Overly Sports Drink

I came across this very young brand Overly , literally they just being around for a few months and already their products are sold in the best shops like Harvey Nichols and Planet Food. Overly is a sport drink made with 100% natural ingredients, , sweetened with Stevia, natural juices like orange, pineapple and berries blended with coconut water and packed full with vitamins.
These are the fab three from the Overly range : Orange, Berry and Tropical. They are delicious, I could not make my mind up on which one was the best, they all came out as winners. The taste is fresh with a nice after taste, not the usual fake one left after drinking any other sport drink. Check them out at www.teamoverly.com and then look for them because they will be your next choice of drink when sweating  away at the gym or simply while working at the computer.


  1. Thanks for the fantastic writeup Cris, we remember you at Speciality and we're thrilled you like Overly!
    Really loving the blog, keep up the good work.
    Chris @ Overly


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