Morrisons Christmas Shopping

It is better to plan our Christmas Shopping in advance because at least for most of the ingredients needed for those festive days it is possible to buy them before, store them, freeze them and be sure that you've got everything at hand and be able to avoid the days of crowd and queues at the  tills. Morrisons has got a huge range of party food and fresh ingredients for one of the most important family holidays of the year.
This beautiful seafood platter is going to be straight in my shopping trolley. Depending on what the fishmonger will put in it the cost may vary, but it will always be so reasonable that it can be the appetiser plate for the 24th of December dinner, some celebrate the evening as well ( another excuse to indulge in good food and wines) eating fish based food.
In need of some luxury party food for an impromptu gathering? These slabs of salmon are perfect, checking the expiry date, it is possible to buy them in advance and keep them in the fridge. It can always happen to end up with few friends after a day out so nothing better of organising a Christmas Party on the spot, dishing out some nibbles and drinks. The wine list at Morrisons is incredible in choice, quality and prices.
A traditional Christmas meal will have lamb or turkey on the menu. At Morrisons the Market Street butchers have prepared some delicious Stuffed Lamb Guard of Honour, with a stuffing of apple and cranberry, ready to be put in the oven and be stress free.
Panettone is a typical Italian cake that generally is eaten after the huge banquet, just in case you did not have enough food. Now it has become very popular in UK as well and bakers at Morrisons bake a good raisins or chocolate chips panettone. I've sampled it and I must say that it is very tasty and soft, a good indicator that butter has been used in the ingredients.  It is not only perfect for breakfast, it is the end of  the Christmas lunch together with clementines and nuts and dry fruits. It is often eaten for dinner with a cup of milk, just to keep it light. A tip to enjoy it the most. Before eating it, keep it next to the heater or the fire place so the butter will melt and it will be  soft and delicious.
Obviously the fruit cake can't be missed from the table. This cake can be bought well in advance and stored, so it is one item less on the shopping list to be considered and focus on the fresh food only to be bought at the last minute like vegetables, fruit and bread. This deluxe Christmas Fruit Cake is a feast for the eye as well as for the stomach.
Part of the success for a good Christmas meal is the table preparation. At Morrisons, plates, crackers, tablecloths and napkins are in a festive mood. Adorne your table with candles and decorations for a stylish yet affordable table setting making it look like  a Christmas feast out of some interior decor magazines shoot. If you live in North London it is possible to order online and have your shopping delivered. Go online to make your  list at and be ahead of time with a smart shopping.


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