Christmas Decorations: Baubles

I know it is only a week before Christmas Eve and many of you have already done the Christmas Tree, but I find really nice those trees where the baubles are mismatched and you spend time looking at the tree just to discover all the decorations. My grand father had a tree with different baubles and decorations and every year he was adding a new bauble to the collection to see if his grandchildren would have spotted it. The baubles you will see are my pick for an eclectic tree and maybe to start a new tradition in the family.
Here we have a great display by Aldi with its range of fantastic baubles in every shape. My favourites are the cakes shaped. They are made of glass and shaped like a doughnuts, an ice cram cone and a lollipop. They come in a box of three.
Quintessentially British these two tree decorations by Fortnum & Mason. They are hand painted and they would a perfect heirloom for your Christmas Tree to be passed on generation after generation.  They are inspired by the tea room in the department store.
This Linea glass bauble by House of Fraser is sparkly gold, frosted with a stripe decoration that will capture the lights of the tree. There is a pale blue version as well.
I like the texture of this John Lewis Highland Myths Bronze bauble. It is made of styrofoam and wood with a striped pattern with a rich copper colour.
Light and fluffy this lovely feather and glitter bauble from the Monochrome collection at the National Gallery. It will give the tree a touch of enchanted forest and the glitter will catch the tree's lights. Look for more bejewelled baubles at
For all the Harry Potter fans this bauble can't be left on the shelves at Primark but brought home with you. Also you will find a box with 4 baubles, one for each Hogwarts Houses in their colours. Check online for your nearest store at
I love the sparkle of this bauble covered completely in sequins by . You can find them in a box of four placing them in strategical spots to catch the light of the tree. They are made of styrofoam/PVC and covered in blueish/purplish sequins.
This bauble in clear PVC is filled with blue tinsel and the box of four has got two blue tinsel and two silver tinsel. They are from  and you can have them in time fro Christmas by ordering them now at
This beautiful bauble by the National Trust is a kind of collectible item, being hand painted and a Limited Edition, inspired by the leaves and berries from one of the historical places in care of this charity. It is made of glass and painted with glittery details. Buying from the Nationl Trust shop will help fund the charity and its works.


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