Recipe: Tagliolini with Artichokes and Gorgonzola Cheese

I could eat pasta everyday, and maybe I do. When I receive some ingredients from Italy I always try to put together as many of them as I can and the results are always very delicious. This time I've prepared a nice sauce for these multicoloured egg pasta tagliolini, a kind of Italian noodles, just to describe the size of this traditional Italian pasta.
The packet of Tagliolini multicoloured are from Artigiani Pastai Bondi, an Italian company specialised in fresh pasta. Unfortunately you won't find its products in UK yet but you can use any tagliolini from any deli or you can make it yourself. Then I've used some Gorgonzola DOP by GVerdi, Artichokes in oil by Orto Green, Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Castel Ruggero Pellegrini and some black pepper from Tesco.
While I've put plenty of water to boil with a handful of rock salt in it, I've started making the sauce. In a wok I've put the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and then I've added some Artichokes cut in two and I've let  them to gain flavour.
I've chopped the Gorgonzola Cheese in little pieces and put them in a bowl ready for their use  at the end.
It takes few minutes for the pasta to be ready, so once the water starts to boil I've put the tagliolini and I've cooked them for a couple of minutes, then I've drained them and added to the wok stirring them with the artichokes.
Finally I've added the Gorgonzola cheese and I've mixed everything in order to let the cheese melt and make everything creamy.
Ground some black pepper on each plate and serve it. This recipe is quick and delicious. You don't need to be a chef but you can whip up a fantastic meal  even if you did not spend the whole afternoon cooking. It is a sauce you can make while the water is boiling and then the pasta is cooking.


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