Tesco for Christmas

Christmas is a week away and now all the shops have got  food that you don't need to freeze in order to prepare it for the big day. Tesco has got a great range of food for the festive holidays. Given my proximity to a Tesco store, I always rely on it for my Christmas meals. Party food is one of my favourite range.
Enjoy an alcohol free fizz with these Finest Alcohol Free Sparkling wines. The taste is great and with only 0.5 % is ideal if you want to celebrate but then you need to drive home. There are some Alcohol free wines as well for a "virgin" mulled wine.
With the great selection of cheese at Tesco it will be easy to organise a delicious cheese board for an impromptu Christmas party. Few bottles of wine, crackers, grapes and a plate with tempting British and Continental cheese will be perfect for a nice evening. Try to find different cheese matching the nationalities of your guests. It will be a nice touch and a conversation topic.
Can't be bothered to go out or to have relatives at home? This Christmas Dinner in a Box for 2 from the Finest range can be ordered and it contains two pieces of turkey with all the trimmings, half a bottle of champagne and a Christmas pudding as well as a cracker. No slaving away in the kitchen, just put everything in the oven as instructed on the box and pronto, you can enjoy your intimate meal without having to endure the usual stress attached to these holidays.
The Tesco Black Forest Dome Gateau is in the frozen department, so you can buy it earlier and then defrost it 4 hours before eating it. It is a very indulgent dessert that when opened it reveals layers of chocolate sponge and kirsch chocolate cream mousse laced with a sweet and sour cherry sauce.
Another scrumptious cake from the Finest range this Red Velvet and Chocolate Winter Wonderland Cake will make a fantastic centrepiece for those 5 minutes before it will be cut in slices and eaten. It is difficult to write about this cake because it is so mouthwatering that I stop frequently. So I will try, It is a three layers cake with red velvet sponge and chocolate sponge, filled with plain and white Belgian chocolate butter cream and then a chocolate sauce. Also it is hand decorated with bronze and red  Belgian chocolate.
This sparkly Tesco Finest Snowflake Cascade Cake is a rich fruit cake with glace cherries, infused with brandy and cognac and covered with marzipan and white icing. It is so beautiful that it is a pity to cut it open right ? I'm joking of course, but at least take a picture of it and instagram it for all the world to see. If you want to avoid the pre Christmas stampede at your local Tesco, you can also order online and pick up in store or wait for the delivery man to come to your place. www.tesco.com


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