Ideas For Christmas : Luxury Gifts

Christmas is that time of the year when you feel that you can spoil yourself or a loved one, especially if a Christmas bonus in on sight. And sometimes we wait Christmas for that big purchase, for that statement piece of furniture or home improvement. I've found few items that can give ideas where to invest  this year.
These three beautiful hand blown vases are by Peter Layton who has been inspired by Monet's Water Lily Pond and created these stunning pieces exclusively for the National Gallery. Each vase is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Baobab Collection Candles is a Belgian company that elevates  this item to a very sophisticated home decor. All its candle holders are in fact beautiful glass vases or stainless steel holders that once the candle has burned out become an object on its own. All the candles are poured by hand and the glass vases are blown by expert craftsmen. The maxi candle will last for almost one thousand hours leaving no trace of wax inside the glass holder. The fragrances are elaborated in Grasse, the top place in the world for perfumes' laboratories and everything is ethically done up to the label which is applied by hand.
Anna Fendi has started a new venture with a collection of wines, sourced from small wineries and, together with her husband and a sommelier, she selected 21 wines. I will tell you about Anna Fendi wines in another post but now what I want to show you is this beautiful limited edition leather case for one bottle. Obviously with the name Fendi and the expertise in the leather world, Madame Fendi has come up with a gorgeous case like this.
Calvisius Caviar comes from Italy, from the North and they've been around for over 40 years breeding different varieties of  the most prestigious sturgeons, in fresh water ponds. The result is a range of caviar that covers 15 % of the world market. You can buy Calvisius Caviar in UK at or at  and know more about the brand at
I love Smeg appliances, they always come up with gorgeous designs, especially with their fridges. This time Smeg teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana and you can see the result. A series of 100 exclusive pieces of the FAB28 refrigerator depict Sicilian scenes like the cart or the marionette theatre. The bright colours and the design make them a work of art. They've been painted by Sicilian artists who transported the Sicilian folklore on the appliances.


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