Lakeland in the Kitchen

Bake at home TV shows are very popular with a choice over several TV channels. ideas and yummy cakes are baked for everyone  delight and at the end everyone wants to try and make something similar at home. Here Lakeland is vital with all its kitchen tools and gadgets. especially with the new year we all want to try something new and baking is one of the most popular choice.
The Pinata cake set is a very bright tool for baking surprise cakes and biscuits. In February in few parts of the world is Carnival and everyone is dressing up with costumes, a bit like our Halloween. I could see at a children Carnival party a very colourful cake filled with chocolate buttons and small biscuits inspired by the Mexican Pinata dolls.
Cupcakes are very popular and I must admit that most people try their first baking experience with cupcakes. Lakeland has got everything needed to bake perfect cupcakes from colourful cases, icing, sprinkles and bakeware.
This is for the kids but I'm sure that adults will find it amusing and maybe they will use some over 18 liquids as well for gummy sweets. I've sampled these jellies and they are delicious, the set comes with a giant bear as well and three recipes. Just add your creativity.
When I bake at home I like to have tools and other essentials in lovely colours. Mixing bowls, rolling pin, cups and more. Lakeland has got such a great selection of everything you might need in the kitchen. I love this vintage style range.
For all the Hello Kitty lovers this Hello Kitty Cake Pop maker has to be a must in the kitchen. Lakeland has got a whole range about this character  including a cupcake maker, cake stand, cupcakes cases and other branded essentials for the perfect cake. For more ideas and to stock up in great tools for your kitchen go to it will be difficult not to buy something or check where is the nearest store if you prefer to browse through shelves finding the latest items.


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