Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett is the first and only port of call  where you can find brands and products that you can't find anywhere else. With all the food intolerances creeping up inside us, it is great to have somewhere to go to buy free from anything we are allergic and still have a good and tasting meal. As well as these kind of food products Holland & Barrett is a treasure cave of supplements, beauty and sport related products.
This is a fantastic "Pick and Mix" found in some of the branches at Holland & Barrett. A selection of nuts and dried fruits that you can choose at your heart content and be healthy doing something "naughty" like picking delicious goodies instead of sugar laden candies. At £ 2.00 per 100 grams you've got plenty of snacks to last all your week at the office.
Beautiful jars of extra virgin olive oils and vinegars and flavoured oils. This other DIY counter at Holland & Barrett will give you the opportunity to prepare your own dressing oils. You pick a bottle from the shelf, fill it and pay. The oils come from Italy, Spain and other countries where its production is well known. Balsamic and wine vinegars are there as well and all of them are clearly labelled with provenance and characteristics.
I am a tea and herbal tea lover, I drink gallons of them and I've got quite a nice selection in my kitchen cupboard. So I was very happy to sample the Higher Living brews, an independent British family owned label, made in UK. They've got a delicious catalogue of flavours. For me that I love sweet, my favourites are "Sweet Dreams" with lavender, peppermint and cinnamon, "Vanilla Chai" with chai tea, vanilla and honey and  the " Good Mood" with raspberry and Sunflower petals, but I must admit that all of them are very tasty. It is difficult to make a choice and you end up buying more than expected. www.higherlivingherbs.com

Linwoods produces a vast range of seeds, nuts and berries. Its mixes can be used for healthy breakfasts or added to soups and other food or just as a snack like the Whole Sun Dried Goji Berries. All the products are Gluten Free with no Added Sugar, so you've got only natural sweetness. Seafood chowders, fruit crumbles, meat, smoothies or pies will have that extra twist just adding something from the Linwoods range. At Holland & Barrett you can stock up on them and start from small steps a healthy diet. www.linwoodshealthfoods.com
Among many beauty brands at Holland & Barrett Skin Doctors  is one I've known well for a while. Its Youth Cell products are fantastic anti ageing creams with visible results and a very affordable price tag. www.skindoctors.co.uk Its ingredients attack wrinkles and sign of ageing improving your skin in 4 weeks. For more Holland & Barrett products and to check which branch has got an Oil Bar or a Pick'N Mix counter go online at www.hollandandbarrett.com


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