The Flavour Kitchen

At various press days I go I always look for caterers with a difference, and when I went to the Paperchase Christmas Preview I loved the catering organise by The Flavour Kitchen. I am a bit of a sweet tooth so I really enjoyed all the delicious bite sized canapes.
At The Flavour Kitchen you can either have a catering where they just deliver the food or have a chef onsite. It is not just for corporate events like the one I went, any kind of occasion where a buffet is required can be arranged with the fabulous people who are the team working at The Flavour Kitchen.
These salted caramel brownies were mouth watering decorated with fresh raspberries I could have eaten more than what would have been normally allowed, just picturing myself with a tray of those deliciousness and "Sex and the City" box set.
And what can you say in front of this plate of scrumptious doughnuts with raspberry sauce ? The Flavour Kitchen obviously has got a huge range of canapes from savoury to sweet and they can cater for different time of the day from breakfast, to lunch or afternoon to dinner. So from a corporate breakfast to a child's birthday to a fine dining evening with no hassle, everything is covered.
I loved the yummy pomegranate compote, Greek yogurt and pistachio granola pots. They've just helped to "clean up" your taste buds in order to approach again the brownies and the doughnuts. The Flavour Kitchen works hard to come up with the most delicious food combinations.
These smoothies served in vintage style glass bottles were just perfect. Not drinking alcohol  it was something very much appreciated and it was healthy...after all I had to balance my naughtiness as well as fondness of chocolate few bites early. At The Flavour Kitchen they make smoothies using fresh ingredients and all their menus are prepared using local sourced ingredients where possible.
Let's finish with these apple and cinnamon or espresso and chocolate muffins. Absolutely out of this world. They should make boxes to take away because frankly I would be the fan number 1. Check online at to be inspired and if you need to organise an event either private or for business. Prices are available on the menus and if special requirements are needed I am sure that at The Flavour Kitchen they will answer for any diet or allergy question.


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