The Post of Truffle Products

Anywhere you go for a meal you will find at least  one dish with truffles. Even the humble hamburger has been gentrified by adding a shaving of truffle or a drizzle of truffle oil. Supermarkets are selling truffle infused products like oil or pasta sauces and by the way just cooking a fried egg with a bit of truffle oil makes for a delicious and quick  meal. I've found some products that you can find online or at specific delis for a decadent treat.
This trio of truffle sauces can be used  for dressing meat, pasta, vegetable and more. Fratelli Camisa stock the Toscobosco products from Tuscany and believe me, go and check now their website. The Ricca with truffle is  made with Italian cheese and slices of white truffle. Try it on asparagus. The Summer Truffle cream is perfect to be used for fresh pasta filling or add a spoonful ti prepare a sauce for a delicious roast beef. It is made of black truffle and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  The Truffle Carpaccio are slices of white truffle in extra virgin olive oil, and they can be used in any recipe where you would fancy some truffle and you don't have the fresh one. Try and put a slice while cooking your hamburgers.
Sometimes to enrich a dish you just need a pinch of salt. So why not use TartufLanghe  White Truffle salt or Truffle salt? Just a pinch on a omelet or a salad or anything you think would improve with this particular flavour. Amazon is among the stockists that sells these products in UK and I would suggest you to have a look at the extensive range of truffle products from this company, based in Piemonte, in the land  of truffles.
Feel the luxury by snacking on black truffle crisps and these ones by Tyrrels, I can assure you,  are fantastic. The flavour is just perfect, not too overpowering and not weak. Available nationwide.
With Italy being one of the most famous sources of white and black truffles mainly in Piemonte and Umbria, many delis are stocking these great products. Selfridges has got in its  Food Hall a selection of truffles products  by San Pietro A Pettine. Among the range I've picked this Black truffle Vinaigrette made of black truffles, extra virgin olive oil, grape must and black truffle juice. Drizzle over meat dishes or a salad. 
Olive Oil infused with truffle is  one of those ingredients that will make a simple pasta dish with garlic and chilli, like a gourmet recipe. Maille sells these bottles of extra virgin olive oils with real pieces of black truffle. Your omelet or salad or just boiled potatoes won't taste the same anymore.


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