SMEG New Flagship Store

Lovers of design in the kitchen as well as fans of high quality will welcome the opening of the SMEG flagship store at 14 Regent Street, St James's London SW1Y 4PH just off Piccadilly Tube station. The space is amazing with the ground floor dedicated to the display of the appliances and gadgets as well as in the basement. Also a corner of the ground floor is reserved for a production of food and wine from the same area as the SMEG HQ is located. The basement has got a space for organising cookery classes and the mezzanine can be used when in need of a consultation with interior designers and architects who will guide the clients in designing their perfect kitchen.
                              (photo courtesy of Little Red Rooster PR)
Inside the space is airy and all the appliances are displayed so that you can view them easily. At the opening there were so many people but all the same it has been possible to see everything without feeling crammed in a small place.
                              (photo courtesy of Little Red Rooster PR)
The iconic Dolce & Gabbana fridges are displayed with pride on a specific stand, showing three of the 100 numbered and limited edition appliances, singularly  hand painted by Sicilian artists and depicting traditional scenes like the Sicilian Cart or the Marionette Theatre, as well as decorations of lemons and flowers. The small appliances from the Dolce & Gabbana collaboration are also displayed, the very popular toaster, kettle, blender, mixers and more.
                                (photo courtesy of Little Red Rooster PR)
The basement hosts a theatre for cooking master classes and other food events as well as showing more appliances like dish washers and washing machine, all with their distinctive retro look and colourful finish.
I fell in love with these cookers and the Portofino cooker in Orange got my unconditional love. SMEG produces cookers either at induction or ceramic hob or gas cookers. Something for everyone taste.
SMEG Retro fridges are icons in the interior design world. As well as the single coloured ones that always are present in a film set or magazine photo shoot, these ones are also very popular. The Mondrian style is gorgeous. Any stylish house with space in the kitchen always opts for a SMEG fridge.
Also small appliances by SMEG are very popular. They are the wedding gift of choice because with its extensive colour palette, it is possible to match any kitchen decor giving something of high quality and amazing design that will last forever. Kettles, toasters and blenders are among the most popular items sold in the thousands each year.
                                             (photo courtesy of Little Red Rooster PR)
As I was mentioning  before, the SMEG flagship store has got a corner dedicated to food with the Montecoppe range of delicacies produced by the SMEG family farm. I will write a post just for these fantastic and excellent Italian products because it is fair to highlight each one of them. Visit this great store with the largest single pane window in London and indulge in a bit of shopping to bring home some Italian home decor style, in the most important room of the house: the kitchen.


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