Maitre Choux Patisserie

I've discovered Maitre Choux while wandering around South Kensington with time to kill. I was drawn by the white front  with colourful dots and the delicious looking Eclairs on the window display. I could not resist and I went  inside for a well deserved break.
Maitre Choux is at 15 Harrington Road South Kensington SW7 3ES and it is the only branch in the world serving these scrumptious eclairs and choux. The Michelin starred pastry chef Joachim Prat is behind this sweet venture.
This is just an example of what you see walking by the window of Maitre Choux. It is impossible not to stop in front of it and then be tempted to go inside and buy a box of eclairs. It is possible to sit and enjoy it with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, but the place is tiny and it can sit only about 6 people.
Let your taste buds be in heaven and try some of these yummy eclairs. Among the many on offer I would compose a box with the Persian Pistachio with its filling of Pistachio Mousseline cream patissiere and ground pistachios sprinkled on its top, the Spanish Raspberry Pink filled with a soft mousse with raspberry seeds for texture and the Tresoir a la Noisette with hazelnut and a gold leaf decoration on top.
If an eclair is too much, you have to try the Choux, smaller but filled with the same mousses and creams as the eclairs. Try the Salted Butter and Homemade Caramel with a very soft texture or the Tahitian Vanilla Choux with its delicate filling of mousseline  with added whipped cream.
Last but not least the Chouquettes are made of light dough and baked with sugar pearls on top. They are empty and perfect next to a cup of hot chocolate and in the case of Maitre Choux I can say that its hot chocolate is delicious, thick and creamy. The patisserie closes at 7 pm and I've heard that by 5pm most of its eclairs are sold out. I went there on a Saturday at about 1pm and as you can see from the pictures the offering was amazing. Make it a stop for a midday break or an early afternoon tea.


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