La Madia Regale Products from Umbria

Madia is a very important piece of furniture in the old times, it was used to knead and store bread and its name has got that feeling of good food, prepared with natural ingredients. So La Madia Regale is like a Royal Pantry in a way. This company is located in Umbria at the heart of Italy, and now that it is time to organise holidays or maybe friends are coming to visit over here, it could be a good idea to stock up on delicious truffle seasoning, or porcini mushrooms pates or amazing jellies and jams to sample with cheese and meat.
The Chardonnay Jelly is a very sophisticated chutney that you can use on cheese or meat, and even in desserts. The taste is very intriguing and for sure it will be very  appreciated. Shelf life is 30 months so you can buy a couple of jars and keep them at home maybe in the occasion of a party.
This jam with Goji Berry and Honey is a bit spicy and perfect on top of ice cream, or with pancakes and waffles. It can be eaten by the spoonful instead of eating dry Goji Berry.
It is delicious, a pate of Pecorino Cheese and Summer Black Truffle. You can use it to season pasta, risotto, bruschetta as well as sandwiches and toasted bread for a gourmet breakfast.
This sauce is made with Pecorino Cheese and Pepper and it is a typical pasta sauce from the centre of Italy. In Rome is one of the most popular pasta recipes. Add it to your pasta al dente in a pan and stir for a couple of minutes.
This tomato sauce is made with wild boar. In Umbria it is very common to see them in woods and forests. To use this sauce you just need to put it in a pan, add a couple of spoonfuls of cooking water and then stir it. After that you add your pasta al dente and pronto, you will be transported back to that little trattoria. Serve with grated cheese and a glass of red wine. Check all the products including Extra Virgin Olive Oil and more at


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