Dualit Dual Max Juicer

These are the last days of summer but we don't want to say farewell to the good habits we had during the hot weather, fruits and vegetables being part of our daily diet. A juicer is a must on the shopping list because it will be possible to indulge in a drink with all the good vitamins even when the time is very tight and we have to rush to work or school. Dualit has come up with a new must have product The Dual Max Juicer. www.dualit.com/dual-max-juicer
The Dualit Dual Max Juicer has got a double sieve, so the fruit or veg get juiced  and then the pulp gets another press in order to add more juice. It is very powerful with its 800W dual speed motor so soft and hard fruit and veg can be juiced with the minimum effort. It comes with a storage jug that has got a froth separator as well, a recipe booklet to start enjoy your juices and the possibility to register at the Dualit Club where more recipes and a 3 Day Juice Plan are available.
All the bowls and attachments can be washed in a dishwasher and they are very easy to clean. The cost is £ 99.99 but if you buy a juice a day for a month from any market stall or juice bar, you pay more, so the price is very convenient and all Dualit products last forever. Go online to know more about this fabulous addition in your kitchen at www.dualit.com and start planning a new regime of  effortless 5 a day.


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