The Post of Crisps and Popcorn

I think it is difficult to find somebody who doesn't like crisps or popcorn or both. For my part I love them and now supermarkets and delis are stocking such a huge selection of these snacks that I always put at least a bag in my shopping trolley. I like to try new flavours but I always stick to something if not traditional, at least edible. Once I've seen a bag of " Chocolate and Squirrel " flavour and I wasn't impressed. Check the new delicious flavours from some of  the households names.
Ten Acre has got a fantastic range of crisps and popcorn. Its eye catching bags are just the tip of the iceberg in goodness because the selection of  flavours is delicious. Pastrami in the Rye among the crisps is a quite new flavour and among the popcorn the Ambrose Popperley's Wasabi one is hot and tasty. Ten Acre is Kosher and Halal certified, all the flavours are gluten free and dairy free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
The Brown Bag Crisps has got in its catalogue many "Great Taste" winners. All of them are gluten free and suitable for Coeliacs, some are suitable for Vegan and Vegetarians   and some of the flavours are  Dairy Free as well. The Tiger Prawn with Chilli and Lime are delicious.
Burts Chips has got these two new flavours which I've never seen before. Fish and Chips and Smoked Crispy Bacon. They take you back to the sea side or in a traditional pub, the flavour is rich and real. All Burts Chips are gluten free and some of the flavours suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Check its products at
This concept is very new for crisps. The nice people at Fairfields Farm came up with the idea of bringing to the consumer crisps like they were just out of the pan. The bag has got a flavoured dip, you tear the bag, remove the dip, place in the microwave for 30 seconds and then enjoy them  hot and delicious.
Another couple of unusual and scrumptious flavours are from Taste of Game crisps. Grouse and Whinberry and Smoked Pheasant and Wild Mushrooms are absolutely to die for. They are GM and gluten free and cooked in small batches. They can be bought from the following website where you can find stockists as well.
As well as having a lovely  packaging, Ninas Popcorn are delicious. They are gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar free. What's your choice among the Sweet Coconut with Himalayan Pink Salt and Maca or the Spiracha and Spirulina or Cacao with Goji Berries and Pistachio ? Selfridges and Harrods stock them.
Pipers Crisps has got a packaging that reminds me of the Penguin vintage book covers. This was the first thing I've noticed,  then I've sampled some of the flavours and as well as nice packed they were extremely good too. The Chorizo flavour is delicious and real. Pipers has win 37 Great Taste Awards since 2007, quite impressive.
San Carlo is an Italian iconic brand that since 1966 has been producing crisps. I can say that they were the first to introduce the crisps  to the Italian consumers. Now, distributed by Carnevale in UK they have come up with new flavours. My favourite is the Mint and Chilli Pepper, fresh with a kick.
Savoursmiths has got 4 very decadent flavours for its crisps. Truffle and Rosemary, Champers and Serrano Chilli with a hint of Champagne, Parmesan and Port and Wagyu Beef and Honey Mustard. They are all gluten free and the potatoes are cooked with the skin on to keep all the good nutrients. Contact them to discover where they are stocked.  Expect stylish delis and the best food halls.
From the Great Food Affairs the crisp that is 4 times thicker than a normal one, called appropriately "Slabs". The flavours are traditional but the news is in the texture and thickness of the crisps. We can easily say that they are crisps with substance. Find a stockist at
Truffles are a trend now and they could not miss on the crisp  area. This selection is from Tartuflanghe, and you can find them at Amazon. The three flavours are Mustard, Honey and White Truffle or just with Truffle and Pesto Crisps.
Tyrrells has got a huge selection of crisps, popcorn and veggie crisps. These two popcorn flavours are quite unusual and delicious: Coconut & Caramel and Roasted Marshmallow. Two flavours that will get you hooked on the PoshCorn as they are called. They are gluten free and depending on the flavour they are either vegan friendly or for vegetarians. Find them in all the main supermarkets and food stores.
Again Tyrrells this time with two new flavours: Black Truffle and Ham & Cranberry.  The Black Truffle has just launched and I must admit that they are really scrumptious because Tyrrells uses only natural ingredients. The crisps are gluten free and depending on the flavour, vegan or just for vegetarians.


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