The Post of Honey

Among the spreads I love, Honey is a winner. I've got several flavours which I use depending if I spoon some honey on porridge, or a piece of cheese  or for a cake. Actually, many of the jars I've got are of flavoured honey. Recently the market has been taken by all these varieties  and I've found a few which are absolutely delicious.
Honey Berry is specialised in raw organic honey infused with  cinnamon, or chilli, or strawberry, just to name a couple of these special honeys. They are very versatile so that you can use the cinnamon infused honey for your porridge, or the chilli one drizzled  over chocolate ice cream or on top of Gorgonzola cheese. I can assure you that the taste is incredible. My favourite is the chilli honey with its sweetness and then the chilli kicking in.
For more traditional honey try the delicious  Linden Flowers Art of Honey produced from the lime tree blossoms. Its taste is a mix of strong and sweet and it is great used in a vinaigrette made with balsamic vinegar for a salad dressing. For a crunchy experience try the honey comb from beehives in Hungary. All Art of Honey products are not processed keeping all the benefits of the honey.
These honey jars are as beautiful as their content is delicious.  This Russian company, called Mirmeda has come up with this luxury range of honey souffles, where fruit are  added after being  freeze dried and the flavours are incredible. We  go from single flavour jars of honey souffle with bilberry or strawberry or cranberry  to double flavoured jars like strawberry and  mint, or bilberries and sea buckthorn just to name a couple.
These jars of excellent honey come from Greece where the Philotimo family collaborates with local farms to produce high quality honey in limited production. The Thyme or the Forest and Thyme honey are unique because the bees collect this quality of thyme that is not grown anywhere else in the world. You can find these honeys at
This lavender infused honey by Raw Artisan Honey has got a very distinctive lavender flavour without being overpowering. I love lavender and I like to taste it in food. This one is the first  that  I can honestly declare, where Lavender has been in contact with honey, while other bigger brands were very bland when I've sampled them. Check also the rest of the great range available.
This Ulmo Honey from Southern Comb can be produced only in Patagonia  making it one of the rarest honey in the world. Its taste is sublime, creamy and fresh and it can be enjoyed in many ways, like on bread and butter, or Brie cheese and fresh figs or also shaken with cold water for a natural energy drink and many other ways.

Nordic Honey has got everything, from the gorgeous packaging with the wooden lid and minimalist  jar shape to the content which is high quality organic honey, selected from small beekeepers. As well as flower honeys, there is a small variety of infused ones like with cinnamon or chilli,  and the most decadent of all, that you can see on the picture is the  Smooth Cacao, utterly delicious.
Martine is  produced in Provence inspired by the colours and the flowers of this beautiful region. Everything is sourced in France from the jar to the number of kg harvested and tracked thanks to an independent organisation that gives identification details on each jar. Among the many flavours I've picked the Rosemary infused honey with a incredible taste, perfect for toasts and try it on glazes for your Sunday roast.
Truffle is having a great success at the moment and I could not miss this delicious White Truffle Acacia Honey by the Truffle Hunter. This jar comes with a wooden dipper so it is perfect as a gift for a foodie friend. Try it on cheese, the best is Gorgonzola, or as a part of a vinaigrette for a salad.

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world and Italy grows saffron on the east side of the country. The company Aurum Julii that is Latin for "The Gold of Giulia" where for Giulia it means Friuli, one of the region where saffron is grown, has got an extensive range of saffron products that can be delivered all over the world. Among them this amazing Honey with Saffron with an incredible flavour and exceptional gold colour.
This kind of honey comes from bees that were nearly extincted in Sicily, the black bee. They lived for thousand years on the island but in the 1970s beekeepers started to use a different breed originally from North of Italy so the black bee risked of being wiped off. Luckily in the 1980s a beekeeper started to recreate an environment for them and now I Custodi dell'Ape Nera (Keepers of the Black Bee) is a fantastic honey produced under Mount Etna and it can be found online at


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