Recipes: Two Quick Salads for Summer

It 's hot, the idea of cooking scares everyone but we need to eat and we need to eat something healthy and fresh and maybe that can be taken to work. I've prepared two delicious salads using great ingredients.
Very simple but the ingredients are the important ones. Cherry tomatoes, a jar of tuna fillets by L'Isola d'Oro, feta cheese  from Waitrose, Harissa Spice by Zest & Zing and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bono "Il Sole". This oil has got an after taste of tomatoes and it is made with Sicilian olives.
Easy peasy, crumble the feta cheese, cut the cherry tomatoes, drain the tuna fillets and add them in the bowl. The Tuna fillets called "Il Tonnotto" from the L'Isola d'Oro is the yellow fin quality, and it can be bought at Fratelli Camisa online shop. Sprinkle some Harissa spice and then drizzle extra virgin olive oil. I did not add salt because of the feta
The second salad takes a bit longer and it is perfect for a brunch because it can be made the day before and it will just be better . This recipe has been given to me by the owner and chef of the restaurant  Olivo in Pimlico. I've used Fregola which is a kind of Sardinian pasta, Spring Onion, Tomatoes on the Vines, Capers, a Cucumber, Basil and Bono Extra Virgin  Olive Oil.

After boiling the Fregola, that you can find in any good Italian deli, I've seen it at Lina Stores in Soho, leave it in a bowl to cool it. Meanwhile in another bowl dice the tomatoes and the cucumber, add the capers, shred some basil leaves, cut the spring onion and mix everything. Once the fregola is cold add the vegetables and season with salt, pepper, the Oil and a bit of vinegar. This salad is great for  your lunch  box as well or for a pic nic.


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