Divine Creazioni Egg Pasta for the MasterShow Bespoke Novikov Menu

I love pasta and I can eat as much as I can, because the way you can serve it is endless. There is so much variety of sauces and condiments  to make pasta the Queen of the Table. I  went to Novikov Restaurant in Mayfair for the event MasterShow organised by Surgital  with the APCI ( Association Professional Italian Chefs) its UK counterpart APCI UK and the APCI National Italian Team . From the Welcome bites to the Dessert, using the deep frozen fresh egg pasta range Divine Creazioni, chefs Carmelo Carnevale, Marco Torri, Giorgio Perin, Luca Malacrida and the Head Pastry Chef at Novikov Jun Fayloga have prepared a delicious meal. Surgital Chef Fabio Lorenzoni from one dish to the next one has explained in details each pasta on the menu.
This is the range Divine Creazioni and you can see that it is massive. The fillings are all P.D.O. so the source of the ingredients is certified with products used from the several Italian regions where they are famous like cheese from Sardinia or Apulia or vegetables from Veneto and pistachios from Sicily.
(photo Segio Mattioli) 
 As a welcome bite we had these fried Bauletti filled with friarelli which are the tip of the broccoli and Caciocavallo Silano, a cheese made in the southern part of Italy and certified as a Protected Geographical Status food. Fried deep pasta is not very common but this made the uniqueness of  this first sampling.
As a starter we had a hot and cold combo with another  fried pasta, this time the Scrigno filled with  Burrata from Apulia and served with burrata cheese on a bed of purple aubergines and Apulian Petrilli tomatoes comfit. The mix between cold and warm was excellent.
These purple gnocchi are made using the Vitelotte purple potatoes from Latium and during the cooking they retain this beautiful colour. The chefs prepared a Cacio e Pepe, which is a typical dish from Rome and the surrounding area made with Pecorino Cheese and lots of black pepper. The purple gnocchi by Divine Creazioni are called "Mammoli" and they came garnished with fried parsley and this delicious sauce made with Sardinian pecorino cheese and  pepper.

As a main course we've been delighted by these Panciotti filled with braised scallops, North Sea prawns, ricotta cheese, mascarpone cheese and bread crumbs, on a bed of light lobster bisque and seabass carpaccio. They were just divine like their name sake (Divine Creazioni = Divine Creations).

Dessert came with these Quadrelli made with cocoa and filled with  ricotta cheese, orange juice and orange peel. The plate has been adorned with zabaglione cream and candied orange, absolutely decadent.
Here you can see the filling of one Cocoa Quadrello and next to it the filling of one Violetta comprising Vitelotte potatoes, stracchino cheese, cheek lard, Pecorino cheese from Rome, chives and salt. I think that the variety of fillings and shapes is so great that you will be able to have a different pasta dish for at least a month if not more.
Surgital and its Divine Creazioni range is not just filled pasta but also fettuccine and more traditional shapes including tortellini. The texture and shapes are a bit irregular like the hand made pasta in the traditional way. They can be cooked frozen and if you want to cut the cooking time you can defrost them first. Check online, they 've got an office in Oxfordshire so you can ask them where find stockists and  if you are in the hospitality business have a chat for a supply.  www.surgital.it


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