Recipe: Truffle Fettuccine with Cream

This recipe is quick and it doesn't need many ingredients. I wanted to use a special pack of Truffle Fettuccine but anything will do. Obviously if you use a flavoured pasta, and you can find quite a few options in supermarkets and delis, the lack of many ingredients will be explained.
As you can see we need only four ingredients. One clove of Garlic, a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I've used  the one from Castel Ruggero Pellegrini. Then Long Life  kitchen Cream by Granarolo but you can use fresh double cream and Tartufissima N19 Truffle Egg Fettuccine by Tartuflanghe.
I've heated up a drizzle of EVO Oil with a clove of Garlic, just to flavour the oil. Don't burn the garlic and once is a bit golden take it away.
Add the kitchen cream and stir it well to mix it with the oil. Add some salt and taste to see if it is right. Meanwhile you have put on the hob a pan with plenty of water and when it starts boiling add a handful of rock salt.
After adding the salt put the Fettuccine and with a prong  stir them  and leave them to boil for few minutes, not more than 5.
Take a ladle of cooking water and put it on a mug because it will be needed later. Using cooking water has got all the benefits of what we are cooking at the moment and it will be useful to soften up the sauce.
When the pasta is ready put it in the wok and mix in the cream evenly while sauteing it.
If you think that the sauce is a bit dry add  some of the cooking water that we've saved earlier on and mix it, in order to have a nice and creamy sauce.
Ready to be served. If you like you can add a sprinkle of black pepper and if you want to really add a luxurious touch you can top it up with some shaves of truffle.


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