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Who doesn't love to snack while watching a film or working at the computer or even while commuting? Crisps and pop corns are the first things that come to mind but there are many more options, original, fruity and healthy as well. I've picked some of them .
*Vegan/Gluten Free* Ape Snacks has got a great range of crunchy coconut snacks that are vegan, gluten free and with no added sugar. The choice is between Bites and Curls and they are quite savoury with spices, sesame seeds, chia seeds or salted chocolate. All the main supermarkets stock them, once you 've tried them it will be difficult  to give them up.
*Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free* I love veggie crisps and the Brown Bag Crisps "Beetroot, Carrot and Parsnips" are delicious. They are suitable for vegans, coeliacs, vegetarians and they are gluten free and dairy free. So most of the food intolerance and lifestyles are covered. Also they have 30%  less fat than other brands so it is a guilty free snack and good for somebody on a diet  who sometimes wants to  have a treat without compromising the effort of a diet. You can find them in Selfridges or check the website for more info of where to find them.
*Gluten Free/Vegetarian*  Burts Chips has got a great selection of crisps and other snacks in a bag. Among them I've chosen the newly launched in 2017, the  Quinoa Crinkles, both Gluten free and delicious. The Sweet Pepper & Chorizo is not suitable for vegetarians while the West Country Cream Cheese is. Both snacks have got their flavours sourced from real British Chorizo or real West Country Cheese. You can find them everywhere from the main supermarkets to the small corner shop.
*Vegetarian/Gluten Free* It is not strictly in a bag but these  Easy Bean chickpea crispbread boxes are a great way to snack and be healthy. Available in five options, they are Gluten Free, Wheat Free and they are suitable for vegetarians. I wouldn't know which one is my favourite because they are all very tasty and you can eat them on their own or with cheese, soups or salads. You can find them at Ocado or Holland & Barrett among other outlets. Check the website to know more at
*Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free* Have you ever tried a lentil crisp ? Its taste is delicious and it is healthy as well without renouncing to a bit of snacking. The Fairfield Farm Lentil Bites are available in three tasty flavours, one is vegetarian which is the Blue Cheese one and the two vegan and vegetarian options  with the Tomato & Herb, here pictured and the Jalapeno & Lime. All of them are Gluten Free and you can find them on Amazon among other outlets. Check them online at
*Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free* They are colourful, they are healthy and they are delicious. I am talking about the I Love Snacks little bags of goodness. They are gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, GMO free and there are savoury and sweet options. Let's start with Italian Olives from Sicily, or gently dehydrated Mango or Pineapple. Indulge with Belgian Chocolate or increase your energy with Smoked Almonds. Check the website to know about a stockist or to buy directly.
*Gluten Free*  It comes from Spain this new snack, which I've found tasty and fun. Its name is Koockets and among its main ingredients there are eggs, cornmeal  and butter as well as seeds, spices and the most delicious Parmesan Cheese I have ever tasted in a crisp.  Check the website to know about stockists for this great snack at
*Vegan/Vegetarians/Gluten Free* I've got a bit of a sweet tooth and so I've loved the freeze dried snacks by La Chiva. They are Mango, Strawberry and Pineapple, bagged to have 1 of 5 a day portions of fruit and they are gluten free, no added sugar and raw. In a  few words just healthy and delicious. Buy them directly online or enquiry for a stockist at
*Vegan/Vegetarians/Gluten Free* If you love rice crackers and you want to taste unusual flavours go no further than grabbing a bag of Neat's snacks. Available in three flavours: Wasabi, Hot Thai Chilli and Sea Salt, they are suitable for vegan, vegetarians and Coeliac as well as being gluten free with no artificial additives. Among their stockists you can find Amazon and ebay but the full list will be on their website at
*Vegan/Vegetarians/Gluten Free*  You've seen it here first, the new Purely plantain chips, a premium snack where only sustainable plantains have been used, grown in Ecuador in three delicious flavours: Wild Garlic, Naturally Salted and Spicy. They literally started few months ago so better to check with them where they are stocked. Suitable for vegan,vegetarian and also they are gluten free with no preservatives.
*Vegan/Vegetarians/Gluten Free* Quinoa is very popular  as well as being healthy, so Scrubbys has thought of making some guilt free snacks using quinoa and adding delicious flavours to  it. Think of sundried Tomato & Roasted Garlic, or Hot & Spicy or Chilli & Lime and I could go on for a while. Scrubbys range of vegetarians and vegan snacks is quite extensive and you can find them in Waitrose, Ocado and Holland & Barrett. Check the whole range of products at
This snack is the premium version of the pub popular pork crackling. The Snaffling Pig makes bags and jars with excellent pork rinds, cooked twice so that they won't break a tooth remaining crunchy all the same. Available in 9 scrumptious flavours,  they can be found in foil packets, jars and soon a Chrstmas Advent Calendar. I'm promising you, they are addictive. The Advent Calendar will be available, among other retailers at John Lewis. Contact the website to know where they are stocked at
*Gluten Free* Still in love with your pop corn but you are looking for a lighter version? Skinny Pop will be your choice then. Available in two flavours at the moment, the bags clearly describe the calories for each portions so very easy  when dieting and you want to treat yourself to a snack. Check them at


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