Recipe : Puff Pastry Parcel with Ham and Cheese Slices

A friend of mine gave me a packet of cheese slices from Italy and I've decided to bake something indulgent and savoury with them. In Italy cheese slices are very popular while even if I've seen them in supermarkets I've never seen a big selection in different flavours. The ones I've used are Emmental Cheese flavoured.
In Tesco I've bought the majority of the ingredients. A roll of Puff Pastry, a box of Ham Slices, you can choose your favourite among the different varieties. I've picked Honey Roast Ham. One Egg, Sesame Seeds and the Cheese Slices are from Inalpi, an Italian brand.
I've put the puff pastry in a baking tray, leaving it in its paper and after having unrolled it.
I've filled it up with the ham and the cheese slices only halfway, leaving the other side free from the filling. I've put seven slices of cheese and seven of ham.
I've folded the rest of the puff pastry over the filling, pressing the edges so that the filling will stay inside the parcel.
In a little bowl I've divided the yolk from the egg white and I've kept the egg white in the fridge, to make a fluffier omelet later. I've transferred the yolk in the little bowl.
I've brushed the yolk with a food brush over the parcel, so it will have a nice and golden colour during the cooking time.
I've made diagonal cuts with a knife all over the parcel.
At the end I've sprinkled sesame seeds  and put in the oven at 180* Gas 4 for 20/25 minutes.
Isn't it beautiful to look at ? Most of the ingredients are cupboard staples and it is a dish that can be made in less than a hour in total between preparation time and cooking time.
It is delicious. Serve it hot and be ready to have second helpings.


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