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The Christmas List of Kitchen Tools Gifts

If you have somebody who is a food lover, any gadget for the kitchen will be well received. Every year there is something new and most gadgets are now so popular in our lifestyle. It could be  a gift for the house as well or a house warming gift, especially if you know somebody who just moved to a new place or first place and obviously the first purchases are for the basic things. I've picked few items for all the budgets.
If deep fry is a concern but still you love your french fries this Lakeland Touchscreen Air Fryer is perfect. I've sample some chips and I must admit that they were  delicious. Just need to put a teaspoon of oil in the basket and program the easy control panel. Great to fry meat or fish or seafood. A cooking guide is included for more ideas.
We like and we try to eat healthy so a steamer is the perfect gift for a food lover  and for a health fan too. This Cookworks 3 Bowls Steamer can be found at Argos. In one go you can steam chicken, ve…

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