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Divine Creazioni Egg Pasta for the MasterShow Bespoke Novikov Menu

I love pasta and I can eat as much as I can, because the way you can serve it is endless. There is so much variety of sauces and condiments  to make pasta the Queen of the Table. I  went to Novikov Restaurant in Mayfair for the event MasterShow organised by Surgital  with the APCI ( Association Professional Italian Chefs) its UK counterpart APCI UK and the APCI National Italian Team . From the Welcome bites to the Dessert, using the deep frozen fresh egg pasta range Divine Creazioni, chefs Carmelo Carnevale, Marco Torri, Giorgio Perin, Luca Malacrida and the Head Pastry Chef at Novikov Jun Fayloga have prepared a delicious meal. Surgital Chef Fabio Lorenzoni from one dish to the next one has explained in details each pasta on the menu.
This is the range Divine Creazioni and you can see that it is massive. The fillings are all P.D.O. so the source of the ingredients is certified with products used from the several Italian regions where they are famous like cheese from Sardinia or Apuli…

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