Home Decor: Halloween at Asda

It is that time of the year where every shop has got pumpkins, bats, witches and more in the shop window. Without taking anything away from a pagan Festival that has got its roots in very ancient times, Halloween is the Carnival for those countries where is not celebrated properly. On the 31st of October many are dressing up like witches or skeletons or any other scary character for a mad party. I've picked few items at Asda for adults and children so you can decorate the table and the house for a themed party. Don't forget the pumpkins.

The style is the one from the Day of the Dead, famously celebrated in Mexico. Skulls with flower motifs are very popular and  this set  comprises  a skeleton to hang on the door, a bunting, a pack of window decorations, and this skull is one of them, and a door curtain.
A Witch's cauldron is perfect to serve punch or fill it up with sweets. It includes a ladle, you just need to find a recipe, the internet is full of those. Mix cranberry juice with orange juice for a kids ' drink that looks like blood. At Asda you can find all the ingredients.
This Petrifying Pumpkin Smash Cake is delicious and it has a surprise. Smash the dome  to reveal lots of sweets inside. Just hit the top of the cake to have "frightening" sweets to surprise adults and children. It is a chocolate sponge cake with layers of frosting fillers and it is suitable for vegetarians.
Obviously the tableware must match the mood of the party. Asda has got a Little Horrors paper plates, cups and napkins for the best Halloween children party. Each packet contains 12 plates and cups while there are 30 napkins for each packet. Enough to cater for all the food served. And the price is so good that you can stock up on everything.
If you want to hang only one decoration for your Halloween party, this one must be the Grim Reaper hanging decoration with LED. It requires batteries and then just look when the eyes will change colours and there will be sound effects. Remember to pick up a great stash of batteries at Asda  because it will be the star of the party.
Another delicious cake from the Asda range. It is a chocolate sponge filled with chocolate ganache and covered in ganache frosting with a web decoration and a big black spider. It is suitable for vegetarians.
For the little witch of the house this lovely two pieces  in purplish colours and sequins. A witch doesn't wear only black  after all. Magic wands can be found at Asda as well and don't forget a bag where to put all the tricks or treats.
Pumpkins can't be missed while decorating the house for a Halloween party. Add this glittery one to a hamper of real pumpkins just to add some glam. Its dimensions are 20x20x7 cm so let's say a medium size pumpkin, or it can be the centre piece for your table.
This fancy dress is  from the  George at Asda Adult range. It is the Day of the Dead fancy dress, something original and not the usual witch dress for women if you don't want to go to a party and feel that you are in a coven. You can be very creative with the make up maybe taking inspiration from the window decoration to recreate the same kind of look, quite colourful and different. Organise your Halloween party with a shopping trip all under one roof. Check which one is the Asda closest to you at www.asda.com


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