Osprey London Saddlery Cafe'

There are gems hidden in the city and we don't have the faintest idea. For example who knows that on the lower ground floor of luxury retailer Osprey London at 27 Regent Street SW1Y 4NQ there is a great cafe' with delicious food and a relaxing atmosphere that makes you think you are not in London at all while being in the heart of the city?
The Saddlery Cafe' is a great place to meet for a break during shopping or if you need to meet somebody for business. I've discovered this place during a press day and now I think it is the number one meet up spot, away from the madding crowd and with nooks for a bit of privacy as well as more relaxing spaces. All the food is freshly made and the variety of teas is huge.

The furnishing at the Saddlery Cafe' at Osprey London is beautiful. The round table is made of stone with quartz inclusions, a fantastic piece, this little room has got an arched ceiling and it is one of the spaces available where to sit having a spot of lunch or a traditional afternoon tea, served in vintage teapots and china.

If you find a tea blend that you like it is possible to buy it at the Saddlery Cafe', as well as other products like the extra virgin olive oil or the jellies, chutneys and conserves that you might have sampled with your lunch or tea break. Everything is sourced locally and the scrumptious cakes are gluten free as well.
Next time you are in the West End don't be intimidated by the grandeur of the Osprey London building. The people working there are lovely and very friendly and after indulging in a hot chocolate or a tea or be tempted by the food on the counter visit the other floors for fashion and home decor. it will be a well worth visit. www.ospreylondon.com


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